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Ways to work with me.

Every flower grows and blooms needing unique things from their environment, and I believe we are just the same. Therefore your therapeutic process with me will be as unique as you are. 

In a session with me, you are allowed to be completely yourself and express to me whatever is on your mind. I will help you to explore your emotions and have an opportunity to look at things from a different perspective, and not feel alone. I will be authentic with you in a session and allow myself to be human, and I hope that this will help you to be yourself with me also.


Only you have the answers you are seeking, only you know yourself and what your own personal truth is. I want to invite you to share your story with me. When we share our stories we feel heard, validated and understood and this can be incredibly therapeutic and healing. This healing process will help you to a place where you understand more about yourself, and you may find solutions to the things holding you back, allowing you to grow and bloom.

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"People only really consider change when they feel accepted for exactly who they are."


Carl Rogers

Time to Bloom Therapy - online Therapy for Millennials in London, UK
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Not ready to invest but still looking for a little guidance?

Each month I send out The Nudge, written for lost and overwhelmed millennials who are wanting to develop a better relationship with themselves. I use my professional knowledge and expertise combined with my personal experience to reflect on a theme and share self-care ideas as well as reflective practices, journalling prompts, and resources I have loved (and think you will too!).

It's called The Nudge because so many of us want to make big changes but feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the pressure. I believe that it's the small steps that help us to feel more in control and at peace with our lives and our emotions and that we all need a little nudge every now and then to keep us on track.​

The Nudge focuses on developing your self-compassion and awareness, reconnecting to you and what's important in your life.  

Does a monthly self-care email sound helpful?

Zoom Session

Zoom Sessions

I offer 1:1 sessions via video so that you can access therapy from the comfort of your own home, wherever you are in the world. This means that the therapy I offer is tailored to you, to fit around your life, to make it easy to prioritise your emotional well-being amid what is undoubtedly a hectic schedule.


Through supportive webcam therapy, our work together will help you to feel good enough by learning to understand your own emotions and how to retell your story, in a safe & accepting therapeutic process.

You can opt to see me for a one-off session or we can agree to work together on a longer-term basis. I always work to what my clients need and desire and we will review and adjust throughout the process to ensure you are getting the therapy you desire.

Sessions will take place via Zoom. Zoom is a safe and secure video link software, which I use in order to protect your confidentiality.

​Available: Wednesday and Thursday day times only.

​Session length: 50 minutes

Price: £75

Emal Sessions
Copying Down

Email Sessions

Email is an extremely flexible way for you to access therapy, especially around shift work or a busy life routine. I am able to provide you with therapeutic help and responses via secure email and you are able to take the time to reply when convenient.


This allows you to be in full control of when your 'session' happens, you can reply at any time of day or night, and you can email when you are experiencing thoughts and feelings which gives me real insight into the issues that are troubling you. I will send my therapeutic reply within 72 hours of receiving your email and then you may reflect as you wish before responding.

Many people are sceptical of email therapy but contrary to what people believe the work is often deep, rich and meaningful.


Communicating only by the written word, allows people to really open up and be vulnerable, sometimes sharing in ways that would not be possible if we were face to face. It also means you can reflect and reread my responses at any time, which may be of use to you going forwards, and it allows more time for you to reflect and absorb my help before responding which does not occur in face to face therapy in the same way.


Through emails our work together will help you to feel good enough by learning to understand your own emotions and how to retell your story, using the written word to gain new insights and perspectives in a safe & accepting therapeutic exchange.

​Available: Send 24hrs, response time within 72hrs

​Session length: N/A

Price: Pre-paid block of 3 for £180, single sessions £65

I offer a free 15-20 minute consultation to all potential clients for you to see if I am the right therapist for you.
For email clients this can be done via webcam, audio only or instant messenger.

Will we be a good fit?

Are you ready to take control of your emotional well-being?


Are you ready to be open, honest and looking for a confidential place to reflect on your life, past, present & future?


Have you lost sight of your true self and are ready to discover who you are beneath all the things you've come to believe about yourself?

I have experience working with people from many different backgrounds. Some of the common issues my clients bring are anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, loss of identity, work stress, perfectionism, overwhelm, burn out and people-pleasing.​

My core model is the person-centred approach which means that I always trust you as the expert on your life and take your direction. We work at your pace, I am there to help and facilitate, not direct you or tell you what to do. My focus is always on creating a safe, confidential environment where you can explore anything and everything without fear of being judged.

I am a fully qualified integrative therapist, with a first-class degree and insurance.

I am a registered member of the BACP and adhere to their guidance and ethical framework at all times.

I have a diploma qualification with the OCST in providing therapy online and am registered with ACTO.

Please be aware, I only work with people above the age of 18.

Still have questions?

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Time to Bloom Therapy, therapy for millennials.
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