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Only you have the answers you are seeking, only you know yourself and what your own personal truth is. I want to invite you to share your story with me. When we share our stories we feel heard, validated and understood and this can be incredibly therapeutic and healing. This healing process will help you to a place where you understand more about yourself, and you may find solutions to the things holding you back, allowing you to grow and bloom.

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"When we deny the story, it defines us. When we own the story, we can write a brave new ending."

Brené Brown

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Frequently Asked Questions.


Therapy helps because talking to someone that you don't know personally allows you to be completely honest in a safe and secure environment. I will listen and help you reflect on your own story, helping you to find your own solutions and answers, without judgement.
In a session with me you are allowed to be completely yourself. You may talk, cry, shout, be angry, or spend time thinking and in silence. I will help you to process your emotions, look at things from different perspectives and most importantly not feel alone.


Anybody can benefit from therapy, not just those with a diagnosed mental health condition. I believe that we all benefit from speaking about our struggles and reflecting on our lives and sometimes our family and friends don't have the capacity to support us. With the right environment we all grow and develop, we can move forwards and therapy can facilitate this growth in you. 
As a therapist I can work with everyone, however I particularly love working with millennials, helping them to overcome self-sabotage, improve their self worth and bloom into their true selves.


I work as an integrative therapist which means I have trained in multiple different theoretical approaches and I integrate these to make therapy tailored to you. My core model is the person-centred approach which focuses on you, the client, as the expert on yourself. I will help guide you and help you on your journey of self-discovery. Together we work towards finding solutions but I will not tell you what to do, or judge you for your choices. I also use theory from narrative therapy to guide me as I believe stories are how humans understand and process meaning in their lives, and we heal through retelling our stories and gaining new insights, perspectives and understanding.

If you would like to know more about my approach please get in contact via email or over on my Instagram.


People have been sceptical of online therapy for a long time, however this is changing especially with us now accessing many different services online, and I hope people can see that online therapy is effective and in many ways not dissimilar to face to face work. Although there is a need for more studies, there is a growing body of research that shows that online and email therapy are very effective, and that what is most important is the relationship between client and therapist. Remote therapy allows us to work together in a more flexible way and this can make it easier to maintain regular sessions. There are other benefits too, such as not having to travel or spend extra money on travelling or parking, and you can work with me from wherever you are in the UK.



The consultation is a 15-20 minute informal chat via Zoom or by telephone if you prefer.

I will ask you a few questions about your history and what has made you consider therapy at this point. I will also explain a little about how I work and answer any questions you have. There is no pressure to work with me after the consultation, and you may take some time to think about it or we can book in our first session at the end of the call. If we decide to work together then we will discuss what this will look like, the frequency and number of sessions, whether it is email or webcam, and if you would like therapy on a short or long term basis. We constantly review and check in throughout the therapy process, and so if you feel it isn't the right fit for you we will explore your options going forwards.


During the first session we will go deeper and I will ask you to tell me your story and to expand on what has brought you to me at this point in your life. We will talk about your relationships, your goals, strengths and weaknesses and we will think about what you would like to achieve in therapy and how best I can help you in this process. 


There is not one answer for this, as it is completely personal to you. We can work together for as long (or as short) as you desire. You are always fully in control of your therapy and therefore we check in and review as we go, and you are free to end your sessions as and when you want. You can either book each session a week in advance or book a block of sessions upfront if you wish. Email therapy is available in blocks of 3, but this can be renewed as many times as you wish.



I aim to reply to all enquiries within 24 hours so if you haven't heard back from me it may be that my email has ended up in your spam/junk folder. This sometimes happens as my email address is not added in your contacts list or address book. Please check in your spam folder for my reply and add to your address book to avoid this happening in the future. If you submit a phone number along with your enquiry then I will also send a text to let you know when I have replied to your enquiry.

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