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An iPhone mockup showing an email from Time to Bloom Therapy
An image header that says 'The Nudge'

At the beginning of each month I send out The Nudge, written specifically for lost and overwhelmed millennials. I use my professional knowledge and expertise combined with my personal experience to share self-care ideas for the month ahead as well as reflective practices, journalling prompts, and resources I have loved (and think you will too!).

It's called The Nudge because so many of us want to make big changes but feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the pressure. I believe that it's the small steps that help us to feel more in control and at peace with our lives and our emotions and that we all need a little nudge every now and then to keep us on track.​

The Nudge focuses on developing your self-compassion and awareness, reconnecting to you and what's important in your life.  You are enough and it's time you believed it for yourself.

Does a monthly self-care email sound helpful?

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