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Meryn Addison, therapist at Time to Bloom Therapy, therapy for millennials
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Human first, therapist second...

I say this because in therapy, good outcomes are often attributed to the quality of the relationship between client and therapist; you need to click, there needs to be a connection. I believe this is the case with all healing, growth and development. We grow in connection with other human beings, we can't do it alone and isolated. 

This is core to my approach and how I work. I will always be my authentic self with you and I hope within our safe, therapeutic space you are able to do the same. I am a real person, with likes and dislikes; I like to laugh and joke, I also like to read psychological theory & textbooks. I bring all of this to the therapy room, I am me.

The way I work is integrative, which means I blend many psychological theories together in a unique way for each client. I listen to your story, then I help you to understand your story and together we find a way of retelling your story that gives different insights and perspectives. We won't solely focus on the difficult experiences you've been through, it is important that we process these and then find hope and a way to move forwards.​

Keep reading to learn a little more about me.

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I believe that with the right care, attention and nurturing we will all grow, develop and bloom. It is a beautiful process and I am grateful and honoured to be doing this work with clients.

(That one is from me, Meryn x)

My Values

My core values as a therapist are similar to the ones I hold in my personal life. I have a special regard for integrity and autonomy, and I highly value being honest, open and authentic. These are values I live my life by and also respect in others, both personally and professionally.


I consider empathy to be a necessity and believe that acceptance, kindness & compassion are essential for growth and development. I also find that real, authentic human connection is vital for healing and change, which makes this another strong value of mine and why I always bring my whole self to the therapeutic process and ask you to do the same.

I welcome clients from all backgrounds and all ethnicity's, as well as members of other minority groups such as those from the LGBTQ+ community. I commit to being able to explore the dynamic between us in a safe space, to listen and to be empathic. I understand that it is life long work for me to learn about my privileges and to understand the social constructs in place that contribute to my client's experiences.

I truly care for all of my clients and commit to always supporting them and putting them at the centre of the therapeutic process. If you would like to read more about my commitment to my clients and the ethical standards I adhere to please click to read the BACP's Ethical Framework.

Maintaining your privacy is very important when we are working online and I want you to feel safe and secure in communicating with me. Please read my website privacy policy.

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Ways we could work together:

Zoom Sessions

Email Sessions

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Get to know me!

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Something you may not know about me...
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