Hi! I'm Meryn (she/her)

and I'm a human first, therapist second.

I say this because, in therapy good outcomes are often attributed to the quality of the relationship between client and therapist, you need to click, there needs to be connection. I believe this is the case with all healing, growth and development. We grow in connection with other human beings, we can't do it alone & isolated. 

This is core to my approach and how I work. I always try to be my authentic self with you and I hope within the safe therapeutic space you are able to do the same. I am a real person, with likes and dislikes, I like to laugh and joke, I also like to read psychological theory & textbooks. I bring all of this to the therapy room, I am me.

The way I work is integrative, which means I blend many psychological theories together in a unique way for each client. I listen to your story, then I help you to understand your story and together we find a way of retelling your story that gives different insights and perspectives. We won't solely focus on the difficult experiences you've been through, it is important that we process these and then find hope and a way to move forwards. I believe that with the right care, attention and nurturing we will all grow, develop and bloom. It is a beautiful process and I am grateful and honoured to be doing this work with clients.

My core model is the person-centred approach which means that I always trust you as the expert on your life and take your direction. We work at your pace, I am there to help and facilitate, not direct you or tell you what to do. My focus is always on creating a safe, confidential environment where you can explore anything and everything without fear of being judged.

We will be a good fit if:

  • You are ready to take control of your emotional wellbeing

  • You are ready to be open and honest and need a confidential place to reflect on your life, past, present & future

  • You have lost sight of your true self and are ready to discover who you are beneath all the things you've come to believe about yourself

I have experience of working with people from many different backgrounds. Some of the common issues my clients bring are anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, loss of identity, work stress, perfectionism, overwhelm, burn out and people pleasing.

I work online providing therapy via webcam (Zoom) and via email. Click here to find out more or get in touch below to book a free consultation with me.

I am a fully qualified integrative therapist, with a first class degree and insurance. I am a registered member of the BACP and adhere to their guidance and ethical framework at all times. I also have a diploma qualification with the OCST in providing therapy online and am registered with ACTO.

Unfortunately I only work with people above the age of 18.

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